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UTA Thanks Stephens, Gharahman and Babigian For Extraordinary Service


UTA President Randy Newman and Michelle Stephens and Ani Gharahman

UTA President Randy Newman presented Michelle Stephens and Ani Gharahman of Daily Journal as well as Vahn Babigian of Metropolitan News Company with appreciation and acknowledgement during the Association’s Annual Business Meeting on November 7th during the 41st Annual Education Conference.

“The Daily Journal, and specifically Ani Gharahman and Michelle Stephens have been stalwart supporters of UTA for many years,” said Newman.   “They have been exhibitors and conference supporters at every conference UTA.  They have provided raffle gifts for every dinner event for many years.”

In honoring Vahn Babigian, Newman stated; “We would like to honor and thank the Metropolitan News Company, and specifically Vahn Babigian who has been a stalwart supporter of UTA.  He has exhibited and been a conference supporter for UTA for many years and Vahn has sponsored many dinner events for the past few years – and who can forget his ‘candy flowers’ for each table – as well as the great prize that he always brings for the dinner raffle?”

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