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UTA Members are always apprised of mortgage industry regulatory and compliance issues as well as all industry-relevant case law. They attend the best educational meetings and trade shows in the industry and collectively advocate before state legislatures in the nonjudicial foreclosure states.

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Latest News

  • UTA’s Amendments to SB 1079 Signed Into Law

    As highlighted in the recently distributed UTA Quarterly and this issue of the UTA eNews, thanks to our hard-working California lobbyist Michael Belote, Esq. – with bill language support from Andrew Boylan and Michelle Mierzwa – we were able to get some clean-up language added to address some of the...

  • SB 1079 Clean-Up On Horizon

    By Michael Belote, Esq., California Advocates, UTA California Lobbyist To call 2021 an unusual year in the Sacramento Capitol is like calling World War II the recent unpleasantness in Europe.  As this column is written, only a week remains before voting closes in the Gavin Newsom recall election.  That means...

  • Prepping for the 2022 Legislative Session in 2021

    By Holly Chisa, HPC Advocacy, UTA Washington State Lobbyist For many of us that work in Washington, I’m sure there was hope that we wouldn’t see the likes of the 2021 Washington legislative session again.  Major policy decisions were made without in-person access.  Only Zoom meetings with lawmakers to explain...