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The United Trustees Association is your source for information, expertise and opinion on nonjudicial trustee issues and practices. UTA Members are always current on relevant case law, attend the best educational meetings and trade shows in the industry, and collectively advocate before state legislatures.

UTA Members are always apprised of mortgage industry regulatory and compliance issues as well as all industry-relevant case law. They attend the best educational meetings and trade shows in the industry and collectively advocate before state legislatures in the nonjudicial foreclosure states.

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Latest News

  • Uncertainties Amidst New Session In California

    By Michael Belote, Esq., UTA California Lobbyist, California Advocates And so ends the worst collective year of our lives.  With the end of 2020 comes the end of the 2019-2020 two-year session of the California Legislature, and the beginning of the new, 2021-2022 session. With the fervent hope that better...

  • The Effects of COVID19 and Other Issues on the WA Foreclosure Fairness Act

    By Holly Chisa, HPC Advocacy, UTA Washington State Lobbyist As I’ve written about for the last several months, there are significant changes proposed for the Washington Foreclosure Fairness Act.  I want to provide you with an update as we continue with our negotiations on this issue.  The changes include expansion...

  • UTA Board Elects New Officers for 2021

    UTA’s Board of Directors has voted in the Association’s Officers for 2021. David Dutcher, Ben Levinson, Michelle Mierzwa and Tai Alailima all completed term limits from their positions as President, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary. Randy Newman of Total Lender Solutions, based in San Diego, California will serve...