The industry’s best Educational Conference & Trade Show: Our annual fall educational seminar (CLE accredited) and trade show keeps members current on all practice issue of interest to trustees and provides a marketplace for service providers to interact with you to improve your practice.

Trustee Certification Program: Both UTA’s Basic and Advanced Foreclosure Certification Course & Exam are taught by leading experts in the foreclosure, title and legal communities and gives employers confidence in the recipient’s basic knowledge of the nonjudicial foreclosure process.

Introductory ‘Foreclosure 101’ Course: Our California and Texas ‘Foreclosure 101’ courses providing essential information to those new to our industry.

UTA Quarterly: Our acclaimed quarterly publication provides practice hints and services available to trustees along with updates for members on changes to the law. UTA Quarterly provides vital information to members with new and thought-provoking developments and trends relating to the non-judicial foreclosure process.

UTA eNews: The UTA eNews provides essential, relevant case law updates, news and happenings.

Case Law Program: Supervised by practicing real estate attorneys, UTA participates as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in cases of major importance, drafting and submitting briefs in order to assist courts in rendering a just result and ensuring a level playing field for trustee practice.

Essential Legislative Advocacy: UTA’s California lobbyist ensures that we help write real estate laws in the areas of distribution of foreclosure sales proceeds and collection of defaults under deeds of trust as well as draft appropriate language for recorded notices of default, reconveyances and others. Our PAC allows UTA to have a greater involvement in pending California state law. Our efforts in other states take place on a case-by-case basis as issues arise.

Regional Dinner Meetings: Networking opportunities with the most respected trustee and default servicing professionals including trustees, attorneys, loan servicing professionals and industry vendors — and introductions to new business ideas that will help your practice immeasurably.

Advertising Opportunities: Advertising and sponsorship opportunities in all our publications including our annual Membership Directory and our events allowing member vendors to easily reach their target audience.