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UTA Members Encouraged to Send Opposition Letter on SB 1323

Please write to your legislators!

SB 1323 passed though the Assembly Judiciary Committee on June 28th, but it has been referred to the Appropriations Committee before it can be sent to the Assembly floor. Because the recent amendments to the Bill propose the use of a database by trustees from which to randomly select a real estate agent, the time and expense of the state to create and maintain such a database for each ZIP code in California must be evaluated by the Appropriations Committee. While we are hopeful that the assignment to Appropriations Committee is a sign that the Bill is losing momentum and will be stopped, we cannot rely on this Committee alone.

We encourage all UTA members and others to actively oppose SB 1323 with their California legislators – both in the State Assembly and the State Senate by writing the opposition letter drafted by UTA Lobbyist Mike Belote and the UTA Legislative Committee. Legislators will return from summer recess to vote on the Bill if it is released to the Assembly floor.

Draft Opposition Letter

Find Your Assembly Representative and Your State Senator

Read Robert Finlay’s Summary of SB 1323

Read the Amended Bill

Senate Judiciary Committee’s May 3rd hearing on SB 1323

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