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UTA Board Election Results Are In

Stephen Hicklin of The Hicklin Group; Glenn Wechsler of Law Offices of Glenn H. Wechsler; and Gary Wisham of Allied Trustee Services, have been re-elected to new three-year terms on the Association’s Board of Directors. The election was mandated by the Association’s Bylaws.

Terms for each of the Directorships are three years beginning on January 1, 2023 and ending on December 31, 2025. The Board of Directors oversees the policy, budget and operations of the UTA, a non-profit corporation. Only ‘Regular’ Members (as opposed to ‘Educational Members’) have voting privileges and were provided with a ballot. 

As mandated by the Bylaws, UTA President Randy Newman appointed three members – Robert Cullen, Andrew Boylan and Ed Treder – to serve as inspectors of the election. They counted and cross-checked the ballots prior to reporting the results.

“We had eight qualified candidates for three seats,” said UTA President Randy Newman, in announcing the winners. “I only wish we could have all of them on the board.”

In 2023, the UTA Board will have six seats open for election, with two held by directors who are ‘termed out’ and will not be able to run for a board seat until 2023.

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