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UTA Announces 2017 Officers

Cathe Cole-Sherburn

UTA’s Board of Directors has voted in the Association’s Officers for 2017.  They will assume their positions beginning February 1, 2017.

Cathe Cole-Sherburn of Trustee Corps, based in Irvine, California will serve as the Association’s President.  The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, and subject to the control of the Board, oversees the general supervision, direction and control of the affairs of the corporation.

Elizabeth Knight of PLM Lender Services, based in Campbell, California will serve as the Association’s Vice President.  The Vice President performs duties as assigned by the President and performs and exercises the powers of the President in the absence of the President.

Chet Sconyers of First American Trustee Servicing Solutions, based in Westlake, Texas will serve as the Association’s Chief Financial Officer.  The CFO is responsible for safeguarding all funds received by the Association, and for their proper disbursement.

Michelle Mierzwa, Esq., of Wright, Finlay & Zak based in Newport Beach will serve as the Association’s Secretary.  The Secretary ensures that the Association is operating in compliance with the Bylaws.

Randy Newman of Total Lender Solutions, based in San Diego, California will serve as the Immediate Past President.

The five Officers are empowered to cumulatively make policy decisions that require immediate action between board meetings.

Meet The Board of Directors

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