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Surplus Funds Maze Navigated at UTA Conference

Casper Rankin (Aldridge Pite), Glenn Wechsler (Law Offices of Glenn H. Wechsler), and Robert Forster III, Esq., (Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel), will lead a session entitled ‘Whose Money Is It Anyway?  Navigating Through The Surplus Funds Maze’.

With home values surging across the west, foreclosure auctions are resulting in sales proceeds far greater than the balance due to the beneficiary. Trustees are charged with dealing with these surplus funds.  The session will address what you can do to reduce your costs and risks associated with surplus funds. The panel will cover all the basics, plus timelines, locating parties, depositing funds with the court, and disputed claims.

Read the conference program and register today!

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