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Randy Newman Receives Member of the Year Award

Randy Newman is the Member of the Year

Randy Newman of Total Lender Solutions was awarded the Dorothy Schick Veteran Member of the Year Award at the UTA’s annual meeting, held November 6th during the Association’s 43rd Annual Education Conference.

Randy Newman received the Dorothy Schick Veteran Member of the Year Award for the many California Certification classes he has taught since 2006.  “He is always rated as an amazing instructor,” said Cole-Sherburn.  He served on the UTA Board  for six years and was active serving as CFO and then President – “and he did so during difficult times for the industry and the association,” said Cole-Sherburn, “always with a responsible eye on the budget and with a sense of humor and good cheer that makes serving on this board such a pleasure.”

The award honors members for their service and contributions to the Association and the industry and is given to a member who has elevated the Association in its mission to foster and promote the quality of the default services industry through their extraordinary efforts and dedication. Award winners are nominated by UTA’s Committee Chairs and Board Members with a final determination of the winner made by the Board of Directors.

Dorothy Schick Veteran Member of the Year Winners

2018 – Randy Newman
2017 – Joyce Copeland-Clark
2016 – Marsha Townsend
2015 – Patric Kelly
2014 – Martin McGuinn
2013 – Cathe Cole-Sherburn
2012 – Gary Wisham
2011 – Deborah Kaufman
2010 – Susan Pettem
2009 – Scott Sibley
2008 – Felita Kealing
2007 – Linda Kidder
2006 – Deborah Brignac
2005 – Lorrie Womack

Suzanne Kelly New Member of the Year Winners

2018 – None
2017 – Robert Forster II
2016 – Andrew Boylan
2015 – Kate Heidbrink
2014 – Albert Garcia
2013 – Victoria Adams
2012 – Kathy Shakibi
2011 – Linda Frink
2010 – Michelle Mierzwa
2009 – Randy Newman
2008 – Mary Speidel
2007 – David Fennell
2006 – Rex Anderson and Christopher Perry
2005 – Michael Brooks

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