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Proposed Legislation in Nevada Would Reduce Soldiers and Sailors Act to 90 Days After Discharge

Proposed NV amendment to Soldiers & Sailors Act

New proposed legislation in Nevada (SB 33) would extend the protections offered to Military Service Members beginning in January, 2018.

“Essentially, the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act was amended after the mortgage meltdown to extend the time period when creditors are prevented from taking any actions against a borrower in the military service to include a period of one year after the service member’s active duty or deployment is completed,” explained Mark Blackman, Esq., with Alpert, Barr & Grant.  “Like many other mortgage meltdown era legislation, the Federal Act extending the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is scheduled to sunset at the end of 2017 and the post discharge protection period will be reduced to 90 days after the service member completes his or her active duty or deployment.”

“The Nevada proposal will not only extend the post-discharge protection period back to one year after discharge, the present proposal includes criminal (misdemeanor) penalties and civil liability,” said Blackman.  “It used to be ‘Use a gun, go to prison’”, he said.  “Now if enacted it will be ‘complete a foreclosure sale within a year of discharge from military service, go to prison.’”

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