Company:  Tiffany & Bosco, P.A.

Incumbent: No

UTA Member Since: UTA since 2004; Prior to 2004, member of CTA

UTA Committees Served or Positions Held, or UTA Volunteer: Co-Chair Membership Committee 2016-2017 

Biography: Olivia A. Todd is the Executive Director of Tiffany & Bosco, P.A. (“T&B”) located in Phoenix, Arizona. T&B and its subsidiary National Default Servicing Corporation (“NDSC”) handle all Default Related Processes for the states of Arizona, California and Nevada. Olivia joined the firm 18 years ago when she moved from Austin, Texas where she was a Senior Vice President for Calmco, Inc.; a loan servicing operation specializing in the servicing of sub-prime loans. Prior to Calmco, Inc., Olivia was with the default servicing operation of Temple-Inland Mortgage (AKA Guaranty Residential Lending) for 12 years. Olivia graduated from the University of Texas – Austin in 1981 with a degree in Finance and is a frustrated Longhorn!

Why I would like to be a member of the Board of Directors and/or my vision for UTA: The UTA is at cross roads with membership decreasing and yet the organization is more vital than ever! I would like to see the UTA become a lot more involved with the GSE's in helping members garner fair compensation for the services rendered especially in States that have active legislative agendas that impact the services currently provided by members. The viability of firms is critical and assistance with timely fee increases where applicable is critical and will turn increase the value of the UTA as a proactive organization that can create positive impacts for its member's bottom line. Also, review the membership criteria to increase both the number of firms and number of attendees within the organization.