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Nevada Bill Revises Fee and Requirements for Recording of Documents

NV bill increases recording doc fees

UTA’s Nevada Representative, Rami Hernandez, summarized legislation (AB 169) in the Nevada Assembly that would make revisions to the recording statutes affecting the public recording of documents.

“First, the bill allows County Recorders to accept and record documents that do not meet the formatting requirements.  Additionally, the bill revises the fee structure for documents that are not formatted properly and eliminates the fee for recording documents that are more than one page.  It also raises the fees collected for certain documents from $3 to $5.

The bill cleared the Assembly on April 21 but was amended by the Senate on May 19th.  It now heads back to the Assembly to either concur with or recede from the Amendment.  If the Assembly does not concur, the bill may be sent to a conference committee to work out the differences.”

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