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Member Profile – Katie TerBush

Interview with Katie TerBush.


Katie TerBush

What do you do, and for what company?

I am Katie TerBush, General Manager of MK Consultants, Inc. I run the day-to-day operations, manage vendor oversight, and head up our business development efforts. We provide myriad default field services, back-office trustee’s sale processing, Sr./Jr. lien bidding, service of process, e-recording, publication services…  simply put, we provide services before and after the foreclosure sale.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Consistency, communication, and a truly unequaled standard for excellence.  If you’re going to do something, do it right, and aim to do it right the first time. We expect our products and services to be perfect, our responsiveness to be unmatched and our customer service to exceed expectations. We grow where we’re needed, and in the last 9 years, we’ve expanded from 5 states into 21 new states with no sign of slowing down!

What is the value of UTA for you?

The UTA is a valuable resource for industry changes, legislative updates and “best practices”. It’s a great group of vendors, trustees, attorneys, title companies – some of the best in our industry – who all come together to discuss what directly impacts the work we do every day. Collectively, we’re all given an opportunity to voice concerns and make changes.

 What motivates you both in our industry and as a UTA board member?

I see a lot of change on the horizon for our industry, not simply in the work that my company does. I’m motivated to be a part of a group that has a large say in the legislation that impacts our work, and I’m excited to see the organization grow to again include members from the Midwest and East Coast states.

 If you could change or revise one thing about the default industry, what would it be?

Honest answer:  Allow trustees to choose their vendors as opposed to being directed by the loan servicer. Allow trustees to assign their work to one vendor with whom they have a solid relationship. And, since we’re asking, can it be a countrywide standard that cash is not accepted at foreclosure sales? Standardizing the funds that are accepted would reduce everyone’s liability and confusion.

 What is your vision for our industry over the next 12 months?

Full steam ahead! We’re all going to be busy, and even more so given a lot of folks are understaffed, but we’re ready!

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