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Member Profile – Glenn Wechsler

Interview with Glenn Wechsler.


Glenn Wechsler

What do you do, and for what company?

I manage the Law Offices of Glenn H. Wechsler located in Walnut Creek, California.  My firm is a full-service real estate litigation firm with an emphasis on default and title litigation.  

What sets you apart from the competition?

Like many others, my business has grown and contracted over the last 36 years, often in step with the economy.  What remains the same is the quality of our representation.  I have deliberately chosen not to expand my practice, geographically, or into areas of the law that I am not 100% comfortable in.   While new clients often bring new opportunities, my firm does not dabble in areas of the law that are outside our core business.  I am more than happy to refer matters to the many fine lawyers I have worked with within our industry over the years, rather than reinvent the wheel, at the client’s expense.  This is not to say that I do not like a challenge, I do, but I believe my clients are best served with an attorney fully conversant with their specific problems.  For that reason, my firm does not stray outside of California or into areas unrelated to default or title litigation.

What is the value of UTA for you?

UTA provides its members with access to like-minded people and businesses that work in the same space that I do.  Its resources are vast and widely available to all members.  Its educational opportunities, webinars, and conferences provide the most timely and comprehensive information for us all.  Networking with friends, old and new, other members, and yes, even other attorneys, fosters our collective best practices.

 What motivates you both in our industry and as a UTA board member?

As a member, I am motivated to share my 36 years of experience in the proverbial trenches with members who might benefit from it.  As a board member, I enjoy discussing current issues and trends with other board members and formulating, collectively, ways for our organization and industry to navigate the many new challenges that arise yearly.

 If you could change or revise one thing about the default industry, what would it be?

I would like to see legislation that imposed more severe penalties on parties and their lawyers who view filing frivolous lawsuits for wrongful foreclosure as a sport.  Regulation seems to have tilted heavily against our industry without creating a sufficient disincentive for lawsuits intended only to stall and delay. 

 What is your vision for our industry over the next 12 months?

I think the industry will remain subjected to unfavorable legislation while the economy rebounds.  At some point, perhaps a couple of years off, I would expect real estate prices to stabilize such that lending practices loosen up and homeownership becomes more widely available.  Until then, I think things will remain pretty much as they are now.

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