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Member Profile – David Dutcher

Interview with UTA Immediate Past President and iMail Tracking President, David Dutcher.


David Dutcher

What do you do, and for what company?

I am the President of iMailTracking, LLC.

What sets you apart from the competition?

iMailTracking was designed specifically for the mortgage default and collections industries. We understand the unique timing and compliance requirements these industries have. We focus on small to mid-size organizations that need to outsource their mail production, but who don’t get the attention and care they need when working with big-box mail vendors. Our customer service and response time are second to none. We also realize that one size doesn’t fit all.

What is the value of UTA for you?

The UTA gives me the opportunity to interact with my West Coast clients and gives me a better understanding of the challenges they face. It also gives improved visibility ahead of legislative changes, while also giving me a seat at the table when changes are proposed.

 What motivates you both in our industry and as a UTA board member?

Having worked in this industry for more than a decade, I’ve come to appreciate the vital, but generally underappreciated role that UTA members play in the overall health of our housing and financial ecosystems. I’m committed to making sure the system works as efficiently, ethically, and equitably as possible, to all involved.

 If you could change or revise one thing about the default industry, what would it be?

The UTA’s legislative committee recently had success working with the California Legislature to revise a bill that was ambiguous. Although the UTA felt the bill was not needed and would not accomplish its stated goals, they were able to work with the bill’s sponsors in a way that showed we could be trusted as a neutral expert on such matters and not simply an extension of the lenders and servicers who wish to proceed with foreclosure. If we can build on that reputation, we can be more effective in the future, making the entire process better for everyone.

 What is your vision for our industry over the next 12 months?

That’s the $64,000 question. Depending on their client base, UTA members will either see a moderate increase in volume during the remainder of 2021, with a larger increase in 2022, or they won’t see any change until 2022. Over the next five years, the “experts” point to foreclosure activity running at about 25% of the volume experienced during the last recession (2008-2012). Higher home values this time around will be the wild card.

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