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Member Profile – Andrew Boylan

Interview with Andrew Boylan.


Andrew Boylan

What do you do, and for what company?

My name is Andrew Boylan. I’m a Partner with McCarthy & Holthus, LLP overseeing Risk Management and Compliance for the firm and our affiliated non-judicial foreclosure trustee companies, Quality Loan Service Corporation and Quality Loan Service Corporation of Washington.

What sets you apart from the competition?

McCarthy & Holthus, LLP, and our affiliated non-judicial foreclosure trustee companies are dedicated to providing the highest level of legal offerings to the mortgage default and financial services industry. Across our different jurisdictions and lines of business, we are committed to providing our clients and their borrowers with “Service Second to None.” Our continuing commitment toward legal compliance helps us to successfully eliminate legal and reputational risk for our clients across our jurisdictions.

What is the value of UTA for you?

In a highly regulated industry like ours, trade groups play an increasingly important role. The UTA does a great job of providing its members with continuing education, ongoing advocacy efforts, and best practice initiatives.

 What motivates you both in our industry and as a UTA board member?

As an elected member of the UTA Board, my goal is to continue to work toward upping our educational resources and opportunities for members to learn and engage in valuable discussions regarding the implementation and impact of new laws and regulations.

 If you could change or revise one thing about the default industry, what would it be?

Although it may not be easy, we owe it to our industry to reach out to our lawmakers and take more action when needed. On that note, I would like to see our elected legislators and appointed regulators being more open to actively working with members of the default industry to obtain feedback on new laws and regulations that could be more straightforward and geared toward protecting consumers without creating costly uncertainties.

 What is your vision for our industry over the next 12 months?

Over the past year and a half, we’ve continued to navigate the legal, regulatory, administrative, and investor-driven restrictions that have been put in place in an effort to help protect consumers and their families. We can all hope that things will get better in 2022 for everyone. That being said, our industry will undoubtedly continue to experience change directly related to the ongoing pandemic at the federal, state, and local levels. As mentioned above, my vision for the industry is that we will work together to learn and engage in valuable discussions regarding the implementation and impact of these new laws and regulations. This would help our mutual clients in their efforts to avoid risk and allow them to focus their efforts on providing their borrowers with the assistance they need.

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