Company:  PLM Loan Management Services, Inc,; PLM Lender Services, Inc,; PLM Loan Processing Center, Inc.; PFD, LLC

Incumbent: Yes

UTA Member Since: 1990 (includes CTA)

UTA Committees Served or Positions Held, or UTA Volunteer: I have held many positions on the Board of Directors both for UTA and is predecessor, CTA. Those positions include but are not limited to President, Vice President and Secretary of CTA; Vice President and Secretary of UTA. I have accepted special assignments for UTA such as the oversight and participation of the auditing of the San Francisco audit when this occurred, a visit to Washington DC to discuss with the Federal Housing Finance Agency regarding California Trustees just to name two.

Biography: I started in the real estate business in 1977. In the beginning of my career, I worked in the foreclosure department. Eventually I worked in the loan servicing division and landed as a Manager for the in-house escrow company (hard money) which closed over 250 loans per month. In the expansion of that position, I was on the loan committee and worked with the accounting department on their trust accounting. In 1982, I went to Pacific Loan Management Corp. where I eventually was promoted to Executive Vice President overseeing foreclosures, loan servicing, real estate sales and the operations of companies purchased by PLM.

In 1989, I purchased the name rights, client list to PLM, existing files and continued on with the business. PLM Lender Services, Inc. came from this change of ownership. We continued to handle non-judicial foreclosures for banks, mortgage companies and private investors. PLM was one of the two original independent trustees who had earned the Fannie Mae designation "Fannie Mae Designated Trustee". I opened PLM Loan Processing Center, Inc., the loan document drawing company, a few years later. I have my Associates Degree from West Valley College (Saratoga, CA) with my major in Business and my minor in Real Estate and I have my Bachelor's Degree from St. Mary's College (Moraga, CA) in Management with a minor in English. I am also on the Board of Directors for the California Mortgage Association and have been since its inception and on the board of its predecessor, California Trust Deed Brokers Association.

I have held the positions of Vice President, Secretary, PAC Co-Chair and Special Appointment of the Executive Board for this organization and have participated in many special projects. PLM is located in downtown Campbell which is in close proximity to San Jose. PLM's favorite charities are Second Harvest Food Bank, the Red Cross, the Santa Clara County Animal Shelter and contributing to the Foster Care Program.. 

Why I would like to be a member of the Board of Directors and/or my vision for UTA: PLM is one of the few independent trustees left in California. I feel strongly that this group needs to be sure they have a voice among the trustees owned by title companies, large newspaper services, law offices, etc. However, not only would I want to be their voice, but overall, all trustees need a voice at the board when there are attorneys and vendors who do not see the issues in the same light as a pure trustee. I also think it is important that we are all seen in a good light in the public's eye. Trustees are the calm in the storm. Trustees impart information to borrowers when they cannot get through to their servicers. Trustees transmit information directly to and from the sources. We make sure files are handled properly and nothing is lost in the shuffle. It is important for our legislators and the public to know this. It is important to have someone who will fight for the Trustees and have a voice on the board that will speak up for all Trustees even when tough decisions need to be made. My years of commitment to this industry allow me to help lead UTA for the many years to come.

My vision for UTA is continued education for the members; the understanding of how ever changing regulations and cases, both foreclosure and loan servicing, affect our day to day way of doing business. I want to assist with the safeguarding of our industry from persons on the outside who do not understand our business and our position in the industry. I would also like to assist with having the laws amended in order to clarify them and to protect the trustees from unwarranted costly litigation.