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Home Means Nevada Announces Portal for Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program

Home Means Nevada (HMN) issued information regarding their web-based portal for the Nevada FMP.  The first stage of the program will be launched in July, but you can register into the system immediately.

The statement from HMN follows:

Home Means Nevada, Inc. (HMN) is pleased to announce the launch of Hope LoanPort’s (HLP) web-based portal for the State of Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program.

The HLP portal will be the designated channel through which HMN administers the State’s foreclosure mediation program.  It will enable all parties to work together in a secure, transparent system that streamlines the sharing of required information and documents.  Authorized parties see activity in real-time and receive updates via standardized status codes, minimizing delays, and reducing the need to reschedule meetings. HLP’s portal also provides a permanent audit trail of all activity, information, and documents entered in the system.

This portal will be implemented in several phases, with the first stage expected to launch in early July.  In preparation for the first stage, it is important for trustees, beneficiaries, servicers, grantors and creditors legal counsel to take the following actions to prepare for the launch:

Visit the Program Web Page Bookmark the page and check in periodically to find the latest information about the HLP portal launch.
– Get Registered. It’s simple and quick to get registered to use the HLP system:
a.) Current users of the HLP system do not need to re-register.  Participating mortgage servicers should notify their attorneys and ask them to register as users for this program.
b.) Trustees, beneficiaries, servicers, grantors and creditors legal counsel who are not current HLP users should click on the Registration link on the program web page.  It will only take a few minutes to complete the registration process.
– Look Out for Training Opportunities. Classes and webinars will be announced shortly to help both new and existing users to successfully implement the Nevada program.  HLP and HMN will send notices and updates to registered users about these upcoming training opportunities.

Additional details about the portal will be sent as the start date nears. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work to improve the State of Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program through the use of the HLP portal.

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