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Freddie and CFPB To Speak At UTA Conference


Representatives from Freddie Mac will speak at the 41st Annual UTA Conference, held November 6-8th in La Quinta.

Shannon Pastras, Associate General Counsel, Single Family Default Management Litigation with Freddie Mac will participate on a GSE panel addressing topics that are important to trustees and law firms, including the approval of fees and issues that address both the nonjudicial and judicial foreclosure process.  Ms. Pastras has both law firm and servicer experience in her background.

Amy Quester, Senior Counsel, Office of Regulations of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, will address consumer complaints tied to foreclosure and provide supervisory highlight requirements tied to servicer vendor management.  This session will also address a new, final, servicing rule that the CFPB will publish prior to the conference that covers successors in interest; providing periodic statements for borrowers in bankruptcy; a definition of delinquency; extending the protections under the rule to borrowers more than once; expanded dual tracking protections and loss mitigation changes.

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