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Five Members Elected to UTA Board

Five Members Elected to UTA Board

The United Trustees Association held an election of the general membership at the Association’s Annual Meeting on November 8th, 2021. The election was mandated by the Association’s bylaws.

Re-elected as Directors were Randy Newman of Total Lender Solutions and Michelle Mierzwa of Wright, Finlay & Zak. Also elected were Elizabeth Knight of PLM Family of Companies (a past board member) and new board members Kate Eshenko of First American Mortgage Solutions and Kayo Manson-Tompkins of The Wolf Firm.

Tai Alailima, Ben Levinson, and Rande Johnsen will leave the board having filled their board term(s). They provided remarkable contribution to the association during their time on the board.

Terms for each of the Directorships are three years beginning on January 1, 2022 and ending on December 31, 2024. The Board of Directors oversees the policy, budget and operations of the UTA, a non-profit corporation. Only ‘Regular’ Members (as opposed to ‘Educational Members’) have voting privileges and were provided with a ballot. Numbered ballots were mailed to the membership prior to the election to allow Regular members who could not attend the meeting to vote and to ensure that no member voted twice.

As mandated by the bylaws, UTA President Randy Newman appointed three members, including UTA Secretary Steve Hicklin of The Hicklin Firm, to serve as inspectors of the election. They counted and cross-checked the ballots prior to reporting the results.

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