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Differences Between Residential and Commercial Pre-Foreclosure Preparation Summarized at UTA Conference

Keith Attlesey

Keith Attlesey Esq., (Assured Lender Services), DeeAnn Gregory, (First American Trustee Servicing Solutions), Julie O. Molteni, Esq., (Quality Loan Service Corp.), and Randy Newman, Esq., (Total Lender Solutions) will lead a session entitled ‘Differences Between Residential and Commercial Pre-Foreclosure Preparation’ at the 43rd Annual Education Conference & Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This session will address the liabilities and what you need for pre-foreclosure preparation as it relates to Residential and Commercial foreclosure – and highlight the differences.  For nonjudicial commercial foreclosure, we’ll also address: what an Assignment of Rent is and how to enforce it; how to proceed if the Note is sold during the foreclosure process; and how to proceed when a partial reinstatement is received.  For nonjudicial residential foreclosure, we’ll address reviewing the files from private/small lenders to verify they have complied with CFPB, the note and anything else required of them prior to starting the foreclosure as well as what the rules are in a balloon payment and why the loan is insured.

Read the conference program and register today!

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