I have been an attorney in the mortgage industry since 1988, when I began practice in California; I am also admitted in Washington and Texas, and my application to practice in Arizona is pending.  I began practicing in financial services as in house counsel for Glendale Federal Bank, FSB. When it was acquired, I became Managing Litigation Counsel for WMC Mortgage Corp. In 2003, I joined Countrywide Home Loans as Litigation Counsel and in 2006 transferred to ReconTrust Company, Bank of America’s foreclosure trustee, as Compliance Manager and then Chief Compliance Officer. In 2010, I moved to Orange County and joined Wright, Finlay & Zak. After two years I became General Counsel for Northwest Trustee Services. Since 2014, I have worked as a litigator in our industry and started my own law firm in Tustin, California in 2018. I am married and live in Santa Ana. In my spare time I do pro bono work and volunteer with the State Bar.