Vice President of Operations for First American Trustee Servicing Solutions (TSS) and First American Nationwide Posting and Publication (NPP). Has managed the operations of TSS for 20 years and for NPP for two years. TSS provides non-judicial foreclosure services in California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas and is located in Westlake, TX. NPP provides posting and publication services in California, Arizona, Nevada and Washington and is located in Folsom, CA. In addition to the experience with First American has also earned 12 years experience on the servicing side of the industry world in mortgage default.

Has been a member and active participant with the UTA since its inception and a member of the CTA since 2001. Completed UTA trustee certification courses for both level I and II for California, Arizona and Nevada thru the UTA. Graduate of the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a specialization in financial market and financial institutions.

Resides in Carrollton, TX and lifelong resident of the DFW area.