United Trustees Association CTA-PAC Contribution

Voluntary contributions to the CTA-PAC will be used to promote sound legislation in the State of California, fight radical legislative proposals and support state political leaders who foster the growth of our industry.

Check with your tax advisor for tax credit/deduction information.

My contribution of $ is enclosed.

Individual Contribution Company Contribution

Please make check payable to CTA-PAC

City, State, Zip
If self-employed, name of business
City, State, Zip

California law requires the above information on all political contributions over $100.00

J. Richard Eichman, Esq., Treasurer
Committee I.D. Number 870041

To support the Trustees please PRINT and MAIL this form along with your contributions today to:

United Trustees Association
Attn: CTA-PAC Chair
2030 Main Street
Suite 1300
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 260-9020