Lori Womack

Managing Director, Law Offices of Les Zieve

Lori Womack has held the position of Managing Director at Law Offices of Les Zieve for the past 17 years, and has over 30 years' experience representing lenders, servicers, investors and private beneficiaries in the default service industry.

Ms. Womack began her career at California Reconveyance Company, the in-house trustee for Great Western Bank. For nine years at CRC, Lori served under the leadership of Suzanne Kelly, her mentor who was one the first women in the industry holding an executive banking position in the early 70's.

In her current role, Lori is responsible for all aspects of the Firm's multi-state operations, but specializes in the management, compliance, and resolution of non-judicial foreclosures in the western states.

Lori is an active member in the United Trustees Association, the National Mortgage Bankers Association, and the Legal League 100. She is also a designated member of the "Women in Leadership" advocacy group of the American Legal and Financial Association.