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October, 2011

Riverside County Responds to UTA Regarding Temporary Sales Site

Simons Building near Courthouse
offered as alternate site

The Riverside County Office of County Counsel, has responded to UTA regarding usage of a temporary location for trustee sales.  The need for a new location arose through Riverside Ordinance No. 906 which banned trustee sales on the grounds of the County Courthouse in Riverside.

The County Counsel informed UTA that the County “will allow usage of the temporary location at 3610 Eleventh Street, Riverside, know as the ‘Simons Building’ for a period not to exceed on year from October 12, 2011 (to October 11, 2012).  The Simons Building is located adjacent to and on the south side of the Courthouse.”

Each member of UTA, through their own counsel, will have to determine whether they feel comfortable moving to the temporary sale’s site by merely placing a sign at the old location and directing interested parties to the nearly temporary sale’s site.  UTA has not assessed the site and is not stating that this site can be legally used as a temporary sales site.  However, the county is offering this site as a potential temporary sales site for pending sales for up to one year. 

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