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The United Trustees Association is your source for information, expertise and opinion on nonjudicial trustee issues and practices. UTA Members are always current on relevant case law, attend the best educational meetings and trade shows in the industry, and collectively advocate before state legislatures.

UTA Members are always apprised of mortgage industry regulatory and compliance issues as well as all industry-relevant relevant case law. They attend the best educational meetings and trade shows in the industry and collectively advocate before state legislatures in the nonjudicial foreclosure states.


Latest News

  • michellerodriguezportrait-(2)

    Comments by CMA Address Concerns with Proposed CFPB Rules

    The California Mortgage Association (CMA) provided detailed comments to CFPB in response to the agency’s proposed rules to expand foreclosure protections for mortgage borrowers - specifically surviving family members and other homeowners with the same protections as the original borrower.
  • Michael Belote, Esq.

    Old Issues, New Again

    For better or worse, the California legislature is back in action to begin the 2015-2016 two-year session, and some of the issues relating to UTA may carry a sense of, well, familiarity. Both on issues supported and opposed by trustees, at least four of the most important bills identified of interest to UTA have been considered in prior legislative sessions. Actually, this is not hugely unusual: sometimes bills are introduced several times before they are finally enacted.
  • Holly Chisa

    UTA Addresses Ambiguity On The Beneficiary Declaration

    On February 12, members of the Washington UTA met with lawmakers in the House and Senate to talk about issues of foreclosure. There were several issues to discuss - the long-standing problem with owner/holder/actual holder in the statute, a bill prohibiting secondary ownership of publishing newspapers, and the FFA as a whole.