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The United Trustees Association is your source for information, expertise and opinion on nonjudicial trustee issues and practices. UTA Members are always current on relevant case law, attend the best educational meetings and trade shows in the industry, and collectively advocate before state legislatures.

UTA Members are always apprised of mortgage industry regulatory and compliance issues as well as all industry-relevant relevant case law. They attend the best educational meetings and trade shows in the industry and collectively advocate before state legislatures in the nonjudicial foreclosure states.

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Latest News

  • ballot box

    Fourteen Members on Ballot For Board of Directors

    UTA President Randy Newman and UTA Nomination Committee Chair Mark Blackman have announced that fourteen members will appear on the ballot for the five seats that are up for election to the UTA Board of Directors. Only “Regular” members have voting privileges. Terms for each of the Directorships is for...

  • irs

    IRS Updates Procedures for Sending Notices of Sale

    The IRS has updated procedures for sending Notices of Sale. The procedures went into effect back in April. Revised Publication 786, Instructions for Preparing a Notice of Nonjudicial Sale of Property and Application for Consent to Sale includes two forms and their instructions: Form 14497 (Notice of Nonjudicial Sale of...

  • Michael Belote, Esq.

    Legislative Time

    By Michael Belote, Esq., UTA California Lobbyist, California Advocates The legislative process proceeds according to a rhythm all of its own. The year begins slowly, ceremonially, and with little concrete action. As the end of session looms, however, the pace increases exponentially, bills are “gutted and amended”, and proposals can...